I developed Making Herstory as an International Women’s Day program for Pepsi’s social platforms. This campaign would have brought together two strong women - Cardi B, who already had a Pepsi relationship, and Ruth Bader Ginsberg. I named this dynamic duo Cardi RBG.


Unfortunately, Pepsi was not able to make this promotion happen in time but TracyLocke fell in love with the idea. We adjusted my original concept and had the ladies of TracyLocke artistically combine two women they personally found empowering. This creative was shared on the TracyLocke Instagram and throughout the office.


- Gold Addy in Illustration

- Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez liked us on Instagram (the highest form of praise)

MY ROLE: Developed the initial concept that directed the final creative.

Art Director: Danielle Anastasi, Ana Vivoni, Brianna, Sienkiewicz, Rebecca Rivera, Miranda Rozek, Kyleen Finley, Susi Cadena, Kafesha Thomas, Kaitlin Pennybacker

Conceptor: Rachel Johnson