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pepsi flavors


Pepsi tasked TracyLocke with creating a series of radio spots to drive awareness and excitement of their Wild Cherry Pepsi and Vanilla Pepsi flavors.


When writing these treatments, I played with the dual meaning of the flavors while staying true to Pepsi’s unapologetic tone. These radio spots are still in development and have not been released to the public.


MY ROLE: Wrote both radio spots shown. 

Creative Director: Matt Nevins

Copywriter: Rachel Johnson


ALEX: Girl, what do you think of this dress?

SAM: I don't know, it looks a little vanilla...

ALEX: Ohh Vanilla?! So I'm lookin' smooth and creamy?

SAM: I don't know if I would say that...

ALEX: Ooo! Sweet yet indulgent?!

SAM: Well...

ALEX: A little extra?

SAM: Well that's not exactly what I meant...

ALEX: I know you're not calling me just plain vanilla.

SAM: Uhhh... No, no, no! Never! I mean Vanilla Pepsi, you know... silky smooth perfection.

SFX: Crack, Fizz, Sip, Ahh

ALEX: That's what I thought.

ANNCR: Vanilla Pepsi and Vanilla Pepsi Zero, it's anything but vanilla.


ALEX: Wild Cherry Pepsi? How wild could the flavor be?

SFX: Crack, Fizz, Sip, Ahh

SAM: Oh it's pretty freakin' wild...

ALEX: Like skydiving with a bowl of cherries - wild?

SFX: Wind howling. Sip.

SAM: More wild

ALEX: Skydriving then landing into an ocean of cherry flavor - wild?

SFX: Splash! Waves. Sip.

SAM: More wild!

ALEX: Skydiving into an ocean where an eagle whisks you to a world of bold cherry refreshment - wild

SFX: Eagle screech. Sip.

SAM: MORE WILD!!!!!!!!

ANNCR: Wild Cherry Pepsi and Wild Cherry Pepsi Zero Sugar, our wildest Pepsi yet.

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