Over the years, personalization has shifted from being an extra to becoming a requirement and beverages are no exception. As PepsiCo saw this trend begin to grow, they challenged themselves to personalize the most uniform beverage in their portfolio - water. 


Water Station is a fully customizable water dispenser for offices and universities. Not only can you control the temperature and carbonization on-screen, all beverage preferences and hydration information are stored in-app.


The team developed a launch plan for two key locations: Google Headquarters and CU Boulder. We wrote location-specific copy that highlighted the importance of hydration and the customization capabilities of the device.

MY ROLE: Worked with the team to develop the strategic platform “Live In The Flow,” selected the key consumer touch points, and supported the creative team.

Art Directors: Eric Smith

Copywriters: Sandy Stein, Jess Linnett

Conceptors: Rachel Johnson, Rob Guarino